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Miller Loader was founded in 1971 out of necessity to keep up with the evolution of the conventional farm tractor. Elmer Miller originally founded DU-AL manufacturing in the 1940s but decided there was a better way and pioneered the old, rickety, cable-operated loaders into the powerful, hydraulic loaders that we know of today using his philosophy of strength and simplicity. This progressed into a multi-generational business with Elmer's son Tom, and then Tom's son Tim who each brought strategic insight into the company's development and advancement.

GrabTecTM is a leading manufacturer and innovator of material handling products used in Agriculture, Construction, and Industrial applications. GrabTecTM was spun-off of Miller Loader in 2005 as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Miller Loader had built attachments for wheel loaders for years, but based on customer feedback, engineering developed a more complete grapple solution. Since 2005, additional products have been developed, patented, and produced.

In 2008 GrabTecTM, as well as Miller Loader, was acquired by The Agile Manufacturing Group. Investments in robotics, CNC, and software have allowed the company to grow from its original location in Granite, IA with the addition of the Worthing, SD facility in 2014.

State of the Art of production and painting capability combined with an experienced engineering group have provided the company with the foundation to design and produce industry-leading products. Driven by an ambition to deliver products that perform better, last longer and require minimal maintenance, we continue the strategy that made us successful over the years.

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