Production Team Lead

Production Team Lead – Entry Level

Assists Production Supervision to coordinate the activities of production workers on the assembly line, such as machine setters, operators, fabricators, and assemblers, to keep production running smoothly, and efficiently. Inspect and test completed work to ensure high levels of quality and safety before product shipment to customer. 


Typical Education/Training: High School Diploma/HSED

Work Experience: 4-7 years 

Wage Range: $14.70 - $30/hour

Knowledge & Skills:

  1. Analyze Numerical and Visual Test Results
  2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  3. Comprehend and Deliver Instructions
  4. Management and Leadership
  5. Production Processes and Systems
  6. Safety and Quality Control

Similar Roles/Titles: Production Lead, Working Lead, Cell Lead, Assistant Supervisor


Career Interest Types: ERCS - EnterprisingRealistic, Conventional, Social

This occupation can be found at:

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