Quality Tech

Entry Level

Inspect, sample, test, and grade parts and products for defects, wear, and other differences from specifications. May use precision measuring instruments and complex test equipment in a lab, on the production floor, or other external job sites.

Typical Education/Training: Technical Certificate/Diploma

Work Experience: 0-3 years 

Wage Range: $14 - $25/hour

  1. Knowledge & Skills:
  2. Attention to Detail and Monitoring
  3. Analytical or Scientific Software
  4. Comprehend and Follow Instructions
  5. Mathematics and Measuring
  6. Quality Control Analysis
  7. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Similar Roles/Titles: Quality Assurance Auditor, Quality Assurance Technician, Quality Control Technician, Quality Inspector, Quality Technician, Inspection


Career Interest Types: CRI - Conventional, Realistic, Investigative 

This occupation can be found at: 

Diamond Vogel   Maintainer Corp   Valley Machining    Rock Industries    

Aim AerospaceDouble HHRome Grinding SolutionsSiouxland MachineTC TranscontinentalDen Hartog